California Prevention Collaborative

The mission of the California Prevention Collaborative is to build and strengthen the capacity of individuals, organizations, and communities throughout California to prevent and eliminate the direct and indirect adverse effects of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, including illegal use, on a sustainable basis.

The California Prevention Collaborative is a non-profit organization charged with increasing the advocacy and promotion of prevention in California. The primary objectives and purposes of the California Prevention Collaborative are:

Diet plays an important role in a person being able to get back to not just mental stability, but physical stability after a prolonged time of addiction to unhealthy drugs. Eating nutritious foods packed with vitamins and enzymes, such as raw "superfoods" may very well help one to accelerate their course back to holistic health. That is why health food practioners may recommend the intake of foods such as mesquite powder, chia seeds, goji berries, top coconut sugar and ginseng as a great "kick start" to get one's body back into balance.

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